We Will BUY Your Note

We are a Buyer & Broker of real estate backed notes.

Our unique position of being both a buyer AND a broker enables us to provide the best solution and highest returns in the desert.

We are not locked in to a banks ridged guidelines allowing us the freedom to use technology and ingenuity to pay more than anyone else.

Why Sell Your Note?

Are you considering selling a Note? If you Note secured with a Mortgage or Trust Deed you may be able to turn it into a lump sum of cash today.

How much is the Note worth?
It's impossiable to know what a Note is worth until after it has been evaluated. The Note Buyer must learn the facts about the note.
What does the Note Buyer need to know?
We must verify the facts... who makes the payments? Do they pay on time? What's the Collateral? So when we chat don't be suprised by a lot of questions.
What's up with the discount?
The amount of the discount on the note depends on many things... how old is the note, whats the value of the collateral, is the note in 1st position, payment history, etc.
What are next steps
Call. We'll ask a few questions and see if there is opportunity for you. Lets chat.

Do You Know?

How would you like a New Car?

Many note holders do not need to sell the whole note to gain the cash they need. Our flexible options are designed to meet your goals. Let's look at an example of how we can help…

Karens New Car trust deed

Situation: Karen owns a note and she needs $17k for a new car.

  • Original Note Value: $60K
  • Note Term: 180 months
  • Interest: 10%
  • Remaining Balance: $50,178
  • Number of Passed Payments: 54
  • Monthly Payment: $644

The Solution:
Remember Karen's goal is to get her new car... she needs $17k.

SilverMoon buys the next 36 payments of Karen's note and gives her a check for $17,000 to buy her car. Now here's the good part... after the 36 periods Karen starts receiving her monthly payments of $644 again, AND the balance of her note is $40,710!

That's right, Karen pockets $17,000 today and the balance of her note only drops $9,467 (Original balance $50,178) - ($40,710 new balance) = $9,467. At this point most people ask "Is this legal?!" and we answer YES!

SilverMoon has many simple and powerful ways in which we support you. Karen's example is just the start. Perhaps it's time to call Larry or Janet and learn more? I think so.

Or give us a call, we answer questions all day! ~ 760-392-0123
Parting Thought: Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius.