Benefits to Sellers (You!)

Rapid, yet flexible sale of your desert home
You select the date that you want to move out. Or we can put a rush on the sale and close in 15 days or less!
Certainty of Sale
Avoid the disappointment of "selling" your home, waiting 30~45 days for a regular buyer to qualify for a loan, then finding out the deal fell through because the buyer could not qualify for a loan. We will pay ALL CASH.
Avoid Sales Commissions
No 6% Desert Area Realtor commissions, no commissions at all.
Eliminate a Listing Agreement
We provide a Purchase Agreement to buy the house, not a Listing Agreement to sell your house for you.
You Get Quick Relief from Mortgage Payments
Compare that with a Realtor Home Listing that can go on forever! Average time in the Coachella Valley to sell a house varies by the health of the desert market. During normal markets it averages 3~4 months. Add 1~2 months for escrow and you are on the hook for at least four months of payments. If your payments are $2500 that's $10,000 in holding costs you have to pay during the sales process.
Avoid Typical Closing Costs
Avoid the necessity of paying for Surveys, Title Insurance, Deed Preparation, Courier Fees, Recording Fees, Termite Inspections, Home Warranties, etc.
Don't Spend a Dime Fixing Your House
SilverMoon wants your property in AS-IS condition.
Eliminate Invasive Open House Showings
You won't have to show your home to anymore. We'll purchase it the first time we visit.
You can get on with your life!
You many want to sell for many reasons. Maybe it's a new job that requires a move and you don't want to carry double house payments. Maybe it's a company downsizing that creates the problem. It could be bankruptcy or foreclosure… or perhaps you've won the lottery. Are you tired of the same old neighborhood? Maybe you need something bigger or something smaller. It could be death or divorce… or marriage or birth. Maybe you tried renting the house and the tenants destroyed it or refuse to move out. Whether you’re moving across town or across the US, to a new home or to an apartment, you’ve got other things to concern you. SilverMoon will take care of your home.

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When SilverMoon buys your desert house, there are no commissions to pay.

In today's market many buyers are for lack of a better word are 'frightened'. After a buyer has agreed to buy your house, at the first sign of a small problem (like a lien, necessary repair, a new low comparable sale, or one of the other typical closing glitches), they drop out of escrow. Then you have to start over and locate a new buyer. It can be a frustrating experience. Perhaps you have experienced this first hand. We have spoken to many that have.

I need to move now, what can I do?

You could move out and leave the house with a traditional Real Estate Agent. Be aware that will require two mortgage payments, then hope and pray your old house will sell. Be sure to consult with your Mortgage Broker to be sure you can qualify for a new mortgage with the old one still on your books. Here's a better solution… SilverMoon will provide you with a firm written offer. We'll clearly explain the details to you as many times as needed. We are patient, clear, and honest with you.

How Is SilverMoon Different?

If we can buy your house you'll know in 48 hours, if not we will give you some suggestions on how you might be able to sell it quicker.

We can immediately take the financial burden of any monthly mortgage payments off your back, and we'll also take care of any fix-ups or maintenance, regardless of how minor or how serious.

When we come to an agreement, we pay all cash with no contingencies (because, unlike most potential buyers, we don't have to sell another house first). If you like, we can close in just a few days or schedule the sale to allow you to stay as long as you need. SilverMoon will handle all of the paperwork and make all the arrangements… and you can get on with your life! Imagine, by this time next week your house could be sold.


We Are Licenced

We hold California Real Estate Brokers Licence. You'll receive a written offer usually with-in 48 hours. And in most cases we can close escrow within 15 days. All with no commission.

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Don't believe us?, try calling right now (well, during working hours) we answer questions all day! ~ 760-392-0123

Parting Thought: You only get back what you expect. If your expectations are low, you'll end low.