Desert Area Notes For Sale

Notes pay fixed monthly payments, secured by great desert houses. Stress Free Returns... Ahhhhh

You fed up with poor returns, the corruption, and the roller coaster yields of Wall Street Investments?

These notes are collateralized by safe Single Family Houses right here in the Coachella Valley cities of Palm Springs notes, Cathedral City notes, Rancho Mirage notes, Palm Desert notes, Indio notes, La Quinta notes and Coachella notes.

Desert area Trust Deed Notes may be purchased in your retirement plans such as IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401Ks, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, Defined Benefit Pensions, and SEP accounts. Depending on your type of plan all earnings are Tax Free or Tax Deffered!

Do You Have Lazy Money?

Think about it... Is your money lazy? You happy earning 0.01% (or less) at the bank? Do you realize $90k at the bank pays $7.50 per month. Some of our notes pay $483.14 per month for the same amount. Is there any reason you wouldn't want $483.14 per month?

Desert Area Note Details

Our Trust Deed Notes range from $50,000 up to $600,000 typically averaging about $100,000 each.

1st Position Notes
All Trust Deeds are recorded against Free & Clear Palm Springs or other desert city property in first position.
Built in Equity
The value of the Note is 25% or less than the collateral property. This makes them safe.
The Note is Collateralized
Unlike investing in Wall Street Stocks with no accessible collateral, a note is secured by a local Cathedral City or other desert area House.
Palm Desert and All Desert Cities
Notes are secured by rehabbed single family houses in the Coachella Valley. Each home is professionally managed and maintained.
No Pooling
Your Note is yours alone and your Note is the only note on the collateral house.
Call right now (well, during working hours) to get all of the details on these notes and others we have coming soon. We answer questions all day! ~ 760-392-0123
We sell real estate backed notes. We have available Palm Springs notes, Cathedral City notes, Rancho Mirage notes, Palm Desert notes, La Quinta notes, Thousand Palms notes, Indio notes, and Coachella notes.
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